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With 10 years experience providing professional advice on a variety of development projects in the public and private sectors, Apex Strategies offer a range of highways consultancy services to meet your planning needs.

  • Transport Reports

  • Speed Surveys

  • Parking Stress Surveys

  • Drone Surveys



Apex Strategies are able to produce a wide range of transport reports, including:

  • Transport Statement/Assessments

  • Travel Plans

  • Technical Notes

  • Parking Management Plans

  • Construction Traffic Management Plans

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Apex Strategies undertake manual radar speed surveys in order to establish existing 85th percentile vehicle speeds at a given location.

This exercise has various applications but is most commonly undertaken to determine requirements for junction visibility.

Manual speed surveys provide an accurate indication of vehicle speeds, accounting for factors such as weather conditions, constraints to free flow conditions, and allow for the removal of ‘platoons’ and abnormal vehicle movements from the survey.

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The issue of parking stress in urban areas is becoming an increasingly sensitive issue and many local authorities now require planning applications to be supported by Parking Stress Surveys which both assess the current parking profile and provide an understanding of the impact on the parking capacity of any new development.

Apex Strategies undertake parking stress surveys in line with the industry standard "Lambeth Methodology" and produce a clear, professional output for submission to the local authority.

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Apex Strategies offer Drone surveys for a range of purposes including parking surveys and observations of junction performance and vehicle queuing.

Drones provide an invaluable bird's-eye view from up to 120m allowing multiple locations to be observed and recorded simultaneously, making it easier to identify the sources of any recurring issues within the study area.

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White Drone



The Manual for Streets (MfS) published in 2007 provides guidance about the design, construction, adoption and maintenance of new and existing residential streets.

Manual for Streets 2 (MfS2) is a companion guide to MfS and extends its practices beyond residential streets to encompass both urban and rural situations. It is intended to assist those in the planning, construction and improvement of our streets to deliver more contextually sensitive designs.

MfS2 fills the gap in design advice that lies between MfS and the design standards for trunk roads as set out in the ‘Design manual for roads and bridges’ (DMRB).

A revised Manual for Streets (MfS3) is in the course of production and is due to be published later this year.

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