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The London Plan (2021) Policy D12(a) guidance states that in order to demonstrate development proposals have achieved the highest standards of fire safety, applicants should submit a Planning Fire Safety Strategy (PFSS). 

The matter of fire safety compliance is covered by Part B of the Building Regulations. The aim of a Planning Fire Safety Strategy document is therefore to demonstrate the relevant fire safety aspects of the proposed development design to date and evidence the provisions made for the safety of occupants and protection of property as well as the provision of suitable access and provisions for firefighting in light of London Plan fire safety policy requirements and the rationale for these measures. 

Since the adoption of the new London Plan, Apex Strategies have prepared fire safety reports for a number of projects to satisfy the requirements of Policy D12(a) in order to help achieve a successful planning determination.

Do you require a Planning Fire Safety Strategy?



In the interests of fire safety and to ensure the safety of all building users, all development proposals must achieve the highest standards of fire safety and ensure that they:

1) identify suitably positioned unobstructed outside space: 

   a) for fire appliances to be positioned on

   b) appropriate for use as an evacuation assembly point

2) are designed to incorporate appropriate features which reduce the risk to life and the risk of serious injury in the event of a fire; including appropriate fire alarm systems and passive and active fire safety measures

3) are constructed in an appropriate way to minimise the risk of fire spread

4) provide suitable and convenient means of escape, and associated evacuation strategy for all building users

5) develop a robust strategy for evacuation which can be periodically updated and published, and which all building users can have confidence in

6) provide suitable access and equipment for firefighting which is appropriate for the size and use of the development.

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